What is Radial Staggered Lacing (RSL)

Radially staggered spacing of the spokes entry ways is an effective method of increasing the stiffness of wheel lacings. This is achieved by equalizing the bracing angles using a high/low flange effect on both sides of the rim.

By shortening the distance of the rim from the hub using the high flange, we alter the angle on the steeper side and move its angle closer to the one on the opposite side. The smaller the angle, the smaller the tension, but a much stronger wheel!

Why Quai

The stiffness of the wheels depends on the angle and distance of the spoke entry ways from the hub to the rim. Wheel manufacturers are trying to create an isosceles triangle (or 2 equal right triangles) when there is an equal number of spokes on either side. They are attempting to equalize the spokes tension and this is where they set the specifications of the wheel. Because of the limits of the hub width and the fact that you need to leave space for 8,9,10,11 and now even 12 speeds, a disc brake rotor and space for caliper clearance, it becomes extremely difficult to optimize the lacings and stiffen these...

...This is why Quai looked into the problem from a different perspective:

By creating a high and low flange on the rim, it was possible to alter the angle of the spoke from the hub to the rim and that has lead to a generally increased strength of the wheels.

At the same time, the rim on its own, thanks to the BOX SECTION technology (rim profiling), has reached a higher level of durability and stiffness of the torso compared to a standard rim shape.

The rim is thanks to its shape and manufacturing technology super light (410g for 27,5” wheels) and trail and enduro riding is an excellent choice for professional as well as keen hobby riders.

On top of its unique technical specifications - weight and stiffness - we managed to receive a great bonus and that is definitely its original look!

Quai ISOS box section

Crash replacement

We're so trusted by the Quai rims that the 1-year Crash replacement program is part of the purchase.

In case the rim is damaged by your own efforts and you need replacement, please contact us. Compared to the damaged rim, you will get a new rim at 50% of the sales price including assembly. Crash replacement does not apply to damage to lacing or wheel hubs.

The Crash Replacement service is only for the original owner and for damages that endanger the functionality of the bike. We reserve the right to refuse this service if we find that the damage was caused intentionally or is of a purely optical nature. We also want to highlight that no other model can be selected and Crash Replacement is limited to 1 year from the date of purchase.