Bee Biker s.r.o. is an exclusive distributor of Quai on the European market. We are bikers ourselves and know very well how enjoyable it is to ride using high quality bike components. There may not be a more crucial bike component than lacings. We are not the lightest of bikers ourselves and know exactly what it is we want from good wheels: resilience and durability on stones and rocks, excellent stiffness in curves even after we push forward, low weight for good acceleration, and finally, good looks. It is a lot to ask for from one set of wheels but Quai lacings have managed to fullfill all our demands without compromise. This is why we have decided to bring Quai carbon lacings to the Czech and European markets and allow bikers the same enjoyment we get from these excellent wheels ourselves.

Good wheels need a good quality bike. We want to be able to ride a top quality bike that is still accessible and will provide enjoyment whether on roads, paths, trails or downhill and whose wheels we can happily spin whenever we can. In the era of raising suspension travel and decreasing the suspension fork angles, there was not a sufficiently playful, agile and at the same time progressive and fast trail bike - we will not say no to a tank for some seriously rough conditions either. We have therefore decided to go down our own route, establish a new brand of bikes - Beast - and start offering 2 models to begin with. Hunter really is a hunter which with its 12kg weight, excellent acceleration and you in the seat will hunt down most trails and other bikers. And should the trails be really bad and hard, then there is our 29 enduro Soul with its 150mm for which you will not think twice about making a pact in exchange for your soul. That pact will hopefully be with us.