Hello, I had the opportunity to test the 29" carbon Quai wheels and I was very satisfied. The wheels perfectly stick to any terrain, they are light and "sit" very well in curves. I had no issues with the lacing. The wheels had tubeless tires and there was definitely satisfaction. I even did 2 races with them and no problems whatsoever.

Greetings, F. Paděra

I do crosscountry and marathons. I've used carbon wheels in a KPŽ marathon, the Drahanská Vrchovina Championship (crosscountry) and a couple practice runs. The wheels stick to the track really well, I can trust them, they are nice and stiff. Compared to my wheels, I do have problems with those - during fast rides over rocks, the tires deflate, which has never happened to me with these wheels. I was extremely happy with these wheels and carbon wheels will be my next choice.  

Klára Odehnalová – tested Quai Isos 29“ wheels with Continental X-King 2,2“ tires

I usually do natural trails with occasional crosscountry or marathon. I used the wheels in 2 races, for 3 days on the so called Rychleb trails and on my favorite ones, I tried to get the most out of the wheels. The first feel after mounting them on the bike (Trek Fuel EX8 2017) was similar to putting forged wheels and lowprofile tires on a car. All of a sudden, there was amazing control of the bike, the steering was exact and it accelerated very easily. In my opinion, the lacing is made out of very thoroughly selected components. Excellent trouble-free DT Swiss 350 hubs, Sapim flat spokes and durable rims. The rims even survived two tire & rock collisions, so absolutely nothing to comment on there. The only recommendation I would have due to the width of the rims (30mm on the inside) is not to use tires thinner than 2,35“. I've tried the 2,25“ ones for a race and the bike suddenly became uncomfortable and because of the narrow tire and wider rim, the rim was taking in quite a bit from the rocks. The Quai Isos 29 model will suite the 2,25" width better and I am considering this for the future.

Vlastimil Odehnal – tested Quai M29 Wide wheels with Schwalbe Nobby Nic 2,35“ tires